Selective High School Test 

Entry into Selective Schools

 Melb High, Mac Rob, Nossal, Suzanne Cory,
John Monash

Entry into Private Schools


for Year 9 Entrance & Year 10 Entrance 

Please contact us for a detailed information leaflet.
(Year 9 Entrance: Fee $ 470)
(Year 10 Entrance: Fee $545)

ENROL EARLY to avoid disappointment. The courses usually get full well ahead of the commencement date.

These holiday programs are rapid and challenging and are very much examination oriented. Excellent teachers are responsible for the delivery of the programs. Individual attention is guaranteed.

These have been well proven, highly successful programs for many years and have earned great reputation. Attending this program is an ideal way to make sure that you are prepared to your best to face the entrance exam.

All components of the examinations will be very well covered.

The Science component we offer for the Year 10 Entrance is unique and
prepares students to the exact requirements of this challenging paper. You will get this only at EdX.


Selective School Exams

There are four Selective Schools in Melbourne which admit students to Year 9 through a common competitive examination. These schools are: Melbourne High School, Mac Robertson Girls' High School, Nossal High School and Suzanne Cory High School. The common examination is conducted by Edutest.

John Monash Science School admits students to Year 10 through a competitive examination.

Various private schools offer scholarships to students for entry into Year 4 and upwards. Please refer individual school websites for more information.

Prepare well and succeed in these examinations.
Join one of our courses NOW and build a strong foundation.

Our Coaching Strategy: We place equal emphasis on classroom teaching as well as tests and exams. Our highly experienced teachers are always there with the students, providing the help and care they need.  Hours of direct interaction with passionate, expert teachers every week help the students immensely. Their learning is enriched by weekly tests, home work and mock examinations.

The programs we offer are targeted towards examination success.  They are very well planned and developed by experts who have an in-depth knowledge about the examination requirements. 

We care for the children who come to us. We are genuinely interested in their educational future. We want them to succeed. You will find EdX as a great partner in achieving your child's goals. We have given further below, a cross section of the comments we have received from our past students and parents.

Our campuses are in Clayton, East Burwood, Dandenong and Berwick.


Selective Schools Year 9 Entrance & Year 10 Entrance

Melbourne High, MacRobertson, Nossal & Suzanne Cory

 John Monash Science School

 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 Examinations

Regular Weekly Courses
Our experience clearly shows that students who have been with us for longer periods have performed much better in the examinations. It is simply a matter of lifting the game in a competitive environment. Good coaching makes the difference.


For your best chance of success in the 2014 & 2015 examinations,  please join NOW.
2014 students don't miss the Easter Holiday Program. You will find it so valuable, as our students in the previous years had found.


What is covered?

Our programs fully cover all of the following components of the examinations:

Essay: Focus will be on Analytical as well as Creative writing. Students will be guided on how to plan and write good, interesting essays and stories within the allocated time.  They will learn about the structure and techniques of essay writing. They will practice writing numerous creative and analytical pieces. Every essay produced by the student is carefully marked by the teacher and comments provided.

Reading Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning: Students are taught effective strategies to handle Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning well. This is reinforced through a large number of practice exercises. Students will be challenged and extended by undertaking a variety of work. There is a strong emphasis and focus in developing vocabulary.

Grammar & Spelling: Grammar is an important part of the program and is taught systematically. Also there is a lot of emphasis on improving spelling.

Mathematics & Numerical Reasoning: Mathematics is covered gradually, section by section in a systematic manner. Fundamentals are reinforced before engaging in challenging work.  The course is intensive and will move at a pace in order to cover almost two years of school syllabus in an year. In the hands of excellent teachers, our past students have not only achieved this goal but found the experience an enjoyable one as well. Students also extensively practice Numerical Reasoning and problem solving with speed.

Special Components for the John Monash Year 10 Entrance program:

The format of the Entrance Examination to John Monash Science School is expected to vary from year to year. We therefore prepare students for all possibilities. Our program has a very strong emphasis on Mathematics, Science Writing and Science Reasoning. Mathematics is covered up to Year 10 level to equip students to fully answer the paper. In addition, Numerical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning and general Essay Writing are also covered (see above). Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning (whether or not tested directly) will help students to improve their English remarkably which in turn will help in their Science Writing.

Science Writing: Science teachers provide regular lectures on a wide range of current, interesting science topics to help develop the interest and knowledge of students in science. Students are encouraged to supplement this with their own research at home.
In addition to general topics, school based science curriculum is covered in parallel. Students not only cover the science syllabus well in advance to their regular school but learn how to provide the best responses to questions asked.
Students do regular written assignments and tests on science writing. Focus is both on the content and expression. The Science Teacher and the English Teacher work together with the students to skill them in producing excellent written pieces.

Science Reasoning: This is another area where students usually do not get much exposure at their regular schools. Our program helps students to develop the skills to reason out and derive the best answers to questions using the information and experimental results provided. Over time, students learn the strategies and thought processes required to complete the tasks within the allocated time.

We make a genuine effort to provide to students a taste of modern science and scientific issues, helping to raise their interest levels. We try to bring to the surface their hidden interest and appetite for science. While doing this, we recognise and respect the efforts of JMSS to identify students who have a real passion for science. We believe that our efforts will offer all students an equitable opportunity to test out their own ability and interest in science.


Are you in Year 6 or Year 7?

Preliminary courses that lead into the Selective Schools Year 9 Entrance preparation program are available for students who are currently in Year 6 or Year 7.

For an enrolment form or further information, please email us or telephone our Enrolments Officer on 1300 933922or 0433 354401.
email: edx

About Edutest:

Edutest is the organisation which conducts the entrance examinations for selective schools. More information on the examination can be found in their website.

Other useful Links:


Private School Scholarship Examinations




Students can be enrolled into EdX Institute from the third term of Year 3. They spend about 4 hours every week gaining the knowledge and skills required to be successful in scholarship examinations.

While most students join EdX to prepare for private school scholarship examinations, others aim at undertaking work more challenging than what they do at their mainstream school. Some students want to start early and progressively get ready for the Selective Schools Entrance Examination due when they reach Year 8. Irrespective of their objective, all the students receive a sound education in English and Mathematics at EdX. Students are specially trained in reasoning skills, both verbal and numerical. In English, they develop their writing skills, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension. In Mathematics they start with reinforcement of fundamentals and progress into advanced exercises and problem solving. They are steadily coached and taught strategies to improve their speed and accuracy.

It is a key focus for the EdX Institute and the teachers to provide young children with a pleasant learning environment.  Children enjoy the company of other high achieving and motivated students and are inspired by the challenging and interesting work they do. Students in an EdX classroom will generally be working at a level much advanced to their school level. This builds their confidence and also prepares them well to face the challenges of the real examination.

Our approach to coaching can be summarised as follows:

  •   Individually ensure that fundamentals are well understood
  •   Always give work that challenges the student
  •   Give the experience of weekly tests and practice exams
  •   Give regular homework
  •   Provide regular feedback to parents
  •   Small group size

Parents can usually see within 4 weeks the difference EdX classes make to their children. This will be reflected in their performance in the mainstream school.

Our students have consistently performed well in the past and won scholarships. Recent successes include admissions into  Ivanhoe Grammar, Presbyterian Ladies College and many other schools.

Our programs cater for the requirements of examinations conducted by both ACER and Edutest.

Join Early!
Earlier the students join our courses the better their progress will be and higher their chances of success.
We have introduced a very attractive discount scheme to make it a lot more affordable to parents who enrol their children into our courses early.

For more information on EdX programs:

PH.: 1300 933 922 (Local call charge)  
0433 354401(mobile)


What our students and parents say...

Year 10 Entrance:
The science reasoning test was almost exactly the same format of the mock exams that we sat at tuition.

The numerical reasoning & Maths were pretty easy. I’m fairly confident with them.

The essays required a lot of background knowledge and most of all awareness of the world today

 Overall, the JMSS exam didn’t provide too many surprises as the questions were quite similar to the EdX mock exams. Thanks for all your assistance


Please accept my sincere thanks to you and to the great team of teachers who taught me and prepared me very well for the exams. The coaching from my teachers not only prepared me for the exams but has also prepared me for the future years. I hope and wish your institution will continue to impart knowledge to many thousands of children in the coming years and build a great knowledge base. My parents would like to convey their sincere thanks.


I have been selected in both Nossal High School and Sir John Monash Science School. Although I am a Year 8 student, my success in Sir John Monash High School in Year 10 clearly demonstrates the standard of teaching EdX delivers to its students. I felt that the study programs are very well designed to cover Year 10 curriculum and is delivered by very qualified and experienced teachers. 

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to all the teachers and staff members for putting in a great effort in making my dream come true.



Year 9 Entrance:

Just want to let you know I was accepted into Melbourne High. I give all credit to your institute because it has really helped me in all areas of the test and I definitely could not have got accepted without the help of you. I hope you guys keep on helping young children achieve their goals in the future because you have definitely done a magnificent job assisting me on this long journey.


P.S. Say hello to all my teachers and thank them :)


Just to let you know, my daughter from Year 9 class has got an offer from The Mac Rob Girls High School. Thanks for all your help. Please let her Maths teacher and English teacher know. Thank you.



This is to inform you that my son has been successful in getting an offer of entry to Nossal High School.

 We owe this success of his to the efforts put in by the teaching staff at  Edx and we along with Paras would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all at Edx.



My son has been a regular student at the Dandenong Edx Campus and I am pleased to share the good news of his success in being accepted into Nossal High School. Thank you for all the help.


My son went to the Burwood campus of the edx institute and has been offered a place at Melbourne High for 2011. I sent this e-mail to thank everyone at Edx for their support and teaching for helping my son and I will be visiting them this weekend in person.  Once again, thank all the Staff for helping and giving support to my son.



EDX was a great place where learning was combined with a great environment. I learned things that I'd only learn in school years down the track and most of all, I had fun whilst doing it. The teachers are encouraging and really know what they are doing. It's a great experience.

Bryce himself and our family are very excited with the result. At this moment, we did not forget the great help, the high quality training Bryce received from your school. We are very grateful to you and all your staff members. We will pass the information around so our friends also know that you provide excellent education.


This is George, Abram's father. I recently received an e-mail from Edutest informing us that Abram had been selected to enter Melbourne High School yr 9 in 2010. Abram and I are very happy and we just felt that we should share this with you because without your help, I don't think that he would've achieved such a success. Since day one, I felt that Abram's level at school was getting higher, and eventually, within two months of joining EdX, he managed to get into the advanced Maths class at his school. I would especially like to thank Sue, his English teacher and Canags his Maths teacher for their faithful support and the amount of effort they put into helping him. I would also like to thank Mr Nithi for his strict and firm management of EdX which are the key factors of success.


The EdX class was really good. Really helpful in many ways. Such as being supportive and co-operative. The teachers are really nice and helpful.
I believe that anyone who takes the classes has a much better chance of getting in.  

I owe much of my success to EdX, for all the teachers who guided me in a slow and comprehensive manner. Personally I feel that the classes helped significantly, I know that if it were not for the classes i would have struggled in the exam. All the teachers helped me reach my full potential, which was a level I never thought I could reach. Along with support and encouragement from my family who helped me emotionally, tuition helped me go that little bit further in terms of my academic success.
So in closing I would like to thank all the teachers who gave up their many precious weekends to teach and guide me through what I thought was a tough time.


 Chi and I found the skill and dedication that EdX Training provided our son Nhan to be of the very highest order. The teachers that taught Nhan always showed a tremend  ous amount of skill and patience in the classroom. We have no hesitation in recommending EdX Training to any parents that want to send their children to a Select Entry School. Thank you to all the staff at EdX Training. 
 Chi, David and Nhan

Hello my name is Arti and I attended classes at the EDX institute. I thought the classes were engaging and made me confident in entering the selective schools test. We had mock exams, which made it easier to control the nerves before I went to the exam itself. I thought that the topics that were covered in EDX were actually relevant to the exam and the worksheets that were given were the standard we needed. All teachers were supportive and because of that I was offered a place in Mac Robertson  High School. I would like to thank EDX institute and the teachers who helped me through this exam.

 Hello, my name is Bryce Ding and I attended EdX for over a year. Every week the teachers would introduce a new topic for us to learn, and they helped us thoroughly understand each one. But what was also great about EdX, was how the teachers allowed and encouraged us to ask questions about certain aspects of Mathematics or English that we did not understand. I was always comfortable with discussing things with my teachers, as I knew they would provide the help that would make me comprehend each topic very well. EdX helped me greatly, and they contributed a great deal towards my success in being accepted into Melbourne High School.



Sitting the exam is an experience I will never forget. EDX helped me to get used to the exam conditions and prepare me for the overall exam. The weekly tests were a great help, and the constant support and aid EDX sported were well appreciated. The mock exams also helped a great deal as they gave me an idea as to how it would feel like on the actual day. The teachers were very helpful, and always had knowledge and advice at hand.

I would like to thank you for the opportunities you have created for me, it means a lot and I know that I would not have been able to get in without your tutoring and help.

Holiday classes and Mock exams were a great help. Finally when I sat the examination, I felt like in another but easier Mock Examination!!


Our approach to coaching

We give due importance to classroom teaching. In the hands of an expert teacher, students can gain a lot. This includes reinforcing the fundamentals, learning new methods and techniques and strengthening the skills to answer questions with speed. We combine this with lots of worksheets, tests and trial exams, through which students improve their speed, accuracy and examination skills. Our approach provides the students with the right mix of activities for efficient learning and to maintain interest. We take great efforts to strike a balance between class room work and tests. It is important to note that our teachers personally correct all worksheets and test papers so that they develop a personal understanding of every student. This enables them to provide most valuable individual feedback to students.

While taking students through a structured, intensive program carefully tailored to meet the specific requirements and criteria of competitive examinations, we are conscious about the need to have a long term view on education. A competitive exam is neither the beginning nor the end of a student's educational opportunities. At the end of our coaching program, students achieve an academic level very much higher than that required for their year level. This gives them an opportunity to keep up the pace and be in the forefront as they progress further in their education.

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